Understanding Your Body As a Woman

Women’s health is something that a lot of people struggle with. Not only do women have a hard time with all the things that go on with their bodies, but some have a hard time with understanding it. It is very important to be aware of the different changes that our bodies go through. First, it is important because if we have an issue or problem going on we can’t have it go untreated. Second, you always want to be sure you are keeping up with your hygiene and keep up with your yearly appointments.

I think one of the biggest things that help us understand our bodies is visiting the OB when we need to, and asking questions. You can never be too informed when it comes to your own body, so be sure to always take mental notes. Understanding women’s health can sometimes be overwhelming because there is constant change that goes on. However, making sure that we are aware of these changes and keeping up with them will keep us healthy. One thing that will help in some ways is tracking our menstrual cycle. Being on birth control can really mess with your cycle, or even having something like endometriosis. There are many reasons why your cycle can be late, early, or irregular. Most of the time it’s normal, but sometimes it is being caused by something. In order for your doctor or even you to be able to recognize an issue you must be capable of determining your last cycle and if there were any problems with it. One thing that helped me was downloading an app on my phone. It would alert when my next cycle might be coming, when I was ovulating, and when my likeness is to become pregnant. I really think this app helped me because I went many years without anything like this and had no idea that I had a problem. It wasn’t until after the long irregular periods and horrible pain that I knew this wasn’t just normal “cramps”. My point being that you must be aware of your health and it can start very simply by downloading an app.

For most people it can be difficult to understand that there is a problem. For me, that was one of my biggest issues. I thought many different things, and didn’t know what to do when I was told I had endometriosis. For starters, I had to think of what I needed to do.

  1. Start tracking my menstrual cycle.
  2. Debate on staying with birth control.
  3. Buying certain vitamins to help boost some of my levels.

When I was told I had endometriosis I was given 2 options. One, I could have a hysterectomy at 19 years old. Second, I could just “deal” with the pain and hope for the best. I chose my second option because I really hope I will be able to get pregnant some day. Overall, understanding this problem was the biggest struggle for me. I think it is important to not only be aware of the situation, but also to understand what exactly you need to do. It was important for me to understand how this will affect my body. It was important for me to understand the risks of staying on the pill. I had to make sure I was in a full agreement with myself to not have any surgery done. This was a lot for me to decide at 19.

So, here I stand 3 years later still dealing with the unbearable periods and pain. However, I am happy that I made this decision. I think that once I understood the problem I was then able to decide on my solution. This could be different for everyone, but it is so important to ask all the questions, take as many notes as possible, and talk to others. I have been told by SO many people also had endometriosis, but have 3 kids. It gives you hope at the end of the day. Something that should always be done is making sure you keep track of your cycle, record anything that seems different or off, and talk to your doctor. These small 3 steps can help you determine mostly anything, and help you understand your body even more.

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